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What is Live Blood Analysis?

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Live Blood Cell Analysis through Dark Field Microscopy is the science of analyzing a sample of "live" blood. One drop of blood from a finger prick is placed under a high-powered microscope (1000x) and viewed while it is still alive. (Note: this is not a medical test in any way, shape or form.) Your blood sample is displayed on a screen so you can view if as well. While this analysis is not a diagnostic tool, it does show you the effect your current lifestyle and dietary habits have on your blood. There is a definite difference between strong healthy red and white blood cells that are built from whole, natural foods and those built from the standard American diet (SAD). Don't think for a minute that you can fool the body in to believing a man-made copy of a nutrient is real food! Fortunately, the intelligence in the body is awe-inspiring and it responds very quickly when you give it what it recognizes as real food on a cellular level and when you refrain from allowing empty fake "foods" into your system.

If you are ready to see what you are doing to your body give me a call today!

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